This is sometimes also called ‘die-off’ in reference to any detoxification process that pushes out toxins. If your body is already toxic, the body gets overloaded and you may experience symptoms such as lethargy, headaches, etc. People detoxify at different rates, so symptoms, if any, vary greatly.

Two essential elements limit or eradicate this:

Water intake
Recommended: 1 quart of purified water per 50 lbs. of body weight per day (e.g., 3 quarts of water per day if you weigh 150 lbs).

This is one of the four essential elements of the plan. Avoiding it will significantly undermine your experience and increase your likelihood of experiencing unnecessary, uncomfortable die-off symptoms.

Additional Options During the Plan
To support the liver (a major detoxifying organ), you can take milk thistle, artichoke, turmeric, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C. Specifically for die-off symptoms, you can also increase your intake of Detox Essentials to 4 capsules, 3 or 4 times a day.