When you finish Week 8 of the Candida Plan, you should have 160 capsules of Candida Force left over, about half of one bottle. This happens because we can offer you a better price on Candida Force using the 250 gel capsule bottles, instead of bottling Candida Force in smaller more expensive bottles.

Here’s how to make the most of your leftover Candida Force:
• Many people continue taking the Maintenance Dosage of Candida Force, which is 5 capsules one time per day, until they finish the last bottle.
• It’s fine to continue taking the full dosage of 5 capsules 3x/day if you wish to. Remember to continue doing the sweating 6 days per week, whether you continue taking Candida Force, or not.
• Save it for later. Some people save this Candida Force to take after the plan at a Maintenance Dosage. Others have had good results with applying Candida Force topically (diluted in oil) to skin conditions, under the direction of their health care provider.