As we all know, exercise is good for body, mind, and spirit. It’s best to engage in some form of mild to moderate exercise on a daily basis. Excessive exercise can suppress the body’s immune system.

Sweating associated with exercise is not the same as sweating in a sauna or hot bath. Many people attempt to substitute exercise for the hot baths or sauna and soon complain of cold and flu symptoms. Dr. McCombs has never recommend this type of substitution since starting The Candida Plan in 1993.

People usually become more active when they feel better, and because virtually every health care professional believes that exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle, almost all customers eventually make some form of exercise a part of their lives. When you choose an exercise activity, make sure it is something you enjoy. As you probably know, good intentions are not enough to keep you involved in an exercise program that you dislike or that is just too dull to keep you motivated.