You are welcome to investigate and use other sources, however, when you start changing the products, you can start changing the results. It’s like using Chevy parts on a Mercedes. If you want to be really scientific about it, you can try once with our formulas and once with substitutes – let us know how it goes!

Vital Flora
If you can find something close to the variety of the acidophilus that’s in the Flora Prime, it may work. Flora Prime has 12 strains. Previously we used two different brands containing a combined 11 strains. Some of the strains are transient and some are colonizing, and you’ll want to get both in your product. Most products only have 3-6 strains. Even if you have higher CFUs (Colony-Forming Units), you still don’t have as many strains. I can tell you that 11-12 strains has worked well, less strains not as well.

Detox Essentials
Some people have replaced Detox Essentials with just taking Ester-C, but tend to detoxify less efficiently, and sometimes experience more of a die-off reaction. The Detox Essentials blend contains Vitamin C plus synergistic herbs that help to boost the appropriate Th1 immune system response, while helping to purify the blood and lymphatics.

Candida Force
There’s no realistic, effective substitute for the Candida Force.