Of the 200+ known species of Candida, over 40 of them are known to cause human infections. Of these, the 8 common species of Candida listed below account for over 90% of the infections found in humans on a regular basis.

8 Common Species of Candida

Candida albicans – is responsible for over 85% of fungal Candida infections.
Candida glabrata
Candida tropicalis
Candida parapsilosis
Candida krusei
Candida guilliermondii
Candida lusitaniae
Candida kefyr

Less Common Candida Species

Candida dubliniensis
Candida famata
Candida incospicua
Candida lipolytica
Candida metapsilosis
Candida norvegensis
Candida orthopsilosis
Candida pelliculosa
Candida rugosa
Candida zeylanoides

Rare Candida Species

Candida aaseri
Candida ascalaphidarum
Candida amphixiae
Candida antarctica
Candida atlantica
Candida atmosphaerica
Candida blankii
Candida blattae
Candida bracarensis
Candida brumptii
Candida carophila
Candida catenulate
Candida cellululytica
Candida cerambycidarum
Candida chauliodes
Candida chiropterorum
Candida claussenii
Candida ciferri
Candida conglobata
Candida cornuculata
Candida corydalis
Candida curvata
Candida diversa
Candida dosseyi
Candida ergatensis
Candida ehanolica
Candida eremophila
Candida ethanoliterans
Candida fabianii
Candida fermentati
Candida feyschussii
Candida fragi
Candida fructus
Candida fukuyamaensis
Candida haemulonii
Candida halophila
Candida holmii
Candida insectalens
Candida insectamans
Candida insectorum
Candida intermedia
Candida jeffresii
Candida karawaiewii
Candida krisii
Candida lactis-condensi
Candida lambica
Candida langeronii
Candida laureliae
Candida lusitaniae
Candida lyxosophila
Candida macedoniensis
Candida magnoliae
Candida maltosa
Candida marina
Candida melibiosa
Candida melinii
Candida membranaefaciens
Candida mesenterica
Candida methanosorbosa
Candida milleri
Candida mogii
Candida montana
Candida multigemmis
Candida musae
Candida nanspora
Candida natalensis
Candida nivariensis
Candida norvegensis
Candida norvegica
Candida obtuse
Candida odintsovae
Candida oleophila
Candida oregonensis
Candida osornensis
Candida ovalis
Candida palmioleophila
Candida pararugosa
Candida pini
Candida pintolopesii
Candida populi
Candida pseudoglaebosa
Candida pseudohaemulonii
Candida pseudointermedia
Candida pseudorugosa
Candida pulcherrima
Candida quercitrusa
Candida quercuum
Candida ravautii
Candida reukaufii
Candida rhagii
Candida rhodohalophila
Candida robusta
Candida ruelliae
Candida rugopelliculosa
Candida saitoana
Candida sake
Candida salmanticensis
Candida santjacobensis
Candida savonica
Candida schatavii
Candida shehatae
Candida silvae
Candida silvicola
Candida silvicultrix
Candida sinolaboratium
Candida sojae
Candida solani
Candida sorbophila
Candida sorboxylosa
Candida spandovensis
Candida stellata
Candida stellimalicola
Candida suecica
Candida temnochilae
Candida tenuis
Candida thermophila
Candida utilis
Candida vacinii
Candida valdiviana
Candida valida
Candida vanderwaltii
Candida versatilis
Candida vinaria
Candida vini
Candida viswanathii
Candida xestobii
Candida zelanoides

This is only a partial list. Dr McCombs will update the list as he finds additional research.