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Dr. Jeffrey S. McCombs, DC, is a third generation graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic (1984). He is licensed in the states of California, Illinois, and Arizona. He is a member of the California and Illinois Chiropractic Associations, the International Association for Specialized Kinesiologists, and the American Holistic Health Association. Dr. McCombs developed his Candida Plan which is a detoxification and dietary plan that counters the detrimental effects of antibiotics and reestablishes the normal body flora, detoxification pathways, and regeneration cycles of a vital, youthful, and healthy body. Connect on Google+

Sensible Steps to Stay Safe !

Sensible Steps to Stay Safe The original title of this post was, well I cant say what the original title was because algorithms in search engines would probably ensure that no one would read the email. Based on the cited research below however, along with other studies, I thought I’d still try to state it [...]

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3 Keys To Understanding Candida | Dr. McCombs Candida Plan

There are 3 keys to understanding candida and its complex mechanisms in the body that don’t lend themselves easily to online chat groups and simplistic discussions.   Modern medicine, composed of poorly trained physicians with fanatical devotion to archaic principles and dogma, have very little to offer most people and people are awakening to this [...]

3 Keys To Understanding Candida | Dr. McCombs Candida Plan2019-04-15T06:07:02-07:00

Candida or SIBO

Candida or SIBO Candida or SIBO? Which one do you have? Which one needs to be addressed? Could it be both? Are they each a result of other imbalances in the body? Are those the same imbalance or different imbalances? Candida Candida is primarily a result of the imbalances created by antibiotic use.  [...]

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It’s not all about Candida! Knowing when to let go of candida and move on!

It's not all about Candida I’ve been treating candida in patients for over 34 years and specializing in it for over 26 years. I’ve written three books and have published over 200 blog posts on the science behind candida and know very well what it can do, especially after spending a good deal [...]

It’s not all about Candida! Knowing when to let go of candida and move on!2019-04-15T06:07:03-07:00

Candida and Alzheimer’s | The Best Approach For Success

Candida and Alzheimer's Candida and Alzheimer's are connected in many ways, although this is something that is seldom discussed in most papers and publications. Not withstanding this, the candida and Alzheimer's infection model is gaining more and more support and acceptance, so I thought I'd take some time and look at the relationship [...]

Candida and Alzheimer’s | The Best Approach For Success2019-04-15T06:07:03-07:00

Candida and Probiotics

Candida and Probiotics Candida and probiotics are a confusing topic for many people who are unaware of how these two may interact. There is a lot of misinformation on this topic on the Internet. You and I can both make better decisions when we better understand how and when to use probiotics for [...]

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Candida and Pregnancy

Candida and Pregnancy   Candida and Pregnancy have an intertwined relationship, as is typical of every aspect of the body. Their connection is easily seen via the impact of candida on the body's bacterial flora and the impact of the bacterial flora on pregnancy. We have seen over 58 women, who were [...]

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Candida and Cancer

Candida and cancer Candida and cancer are two words that most people would not associate together. It is however a topic that is becoming more and more common. I frequently find myself answering questions about the link between the two. A large percentage of the population is heading into old age and the [...]

Candida and Cancer2019-04-15T06:07:04-07:00

Candida Treatments

Candida Treatments Candida treatments seem to abound on the Internet with everyone trying to convince you that only they have the answer and the knowledge that can help you. Deciding which approach to follow without having knowledge of the subject or the various approaches becomes a very difficult and bewildering task.   [...]

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2017 Year in Review – Successful Foundations for Health

2017 Year in Review I've never written a year-end review before, but realized that I've been missing an opportunity to appreciate all the people that we have been fortunate enough to work with. We continue to see people's lives changed year-after-year on the Candida Plan. It's a humbling experience and a blessing to [...]

2017 Year in Review – Successful Foundations for Health2019-04-15T06:07:06-07:00
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