Welcome to the Candida Plan Recipe Collection

Below you will find recipes created especially for The Candida Plan. They’re easy to follow and quick to prepare. In their simplicity you’ll find that eating healthy is not only possible but a very creative process that easily adapts to any schedule or lifestyle.

You’ll learn about the wide variety of ingredients available to prepare savory meals without having to add sugars or flour.

Whole and fresh foods will awake your taste buds to unique flavors never found in processed and canned foods. Your sense of taste will regain the sensitivity lost to the overstimulation of artificial flavoring and sugary ingredients.

If you’re interested in knowing more about spices we highly recommend Dr. Jeff’s review on the book “Healing Spices”.

Remember to keep The Candida Plan Shopping List  handy when you go grocery shopping. It’ll help you tremendously to stay focused and will remind you of the abundance of foods you can have while on The Candida Plan.

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Feel free to contact us with any questions and feedback about our recipes.