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An important component of Dr. McCombs' Candida Plan is drinking plenty of water. It is recommended that you drink 1 quart of purified water per 50 lbs of body weight per day. Use the table below for reference.

Body Weight Water Conversion Table:  (quarts = ounces = liters)

50 lbs
(23 kg)

1 quart

 32 ounces

.95 liter

75 lbs
(34 kg)

1.5 quarts

 48 ounces

1.4 liters

100 lbs
(45 kg)

2 quarts

 64 ounces

 1.9 liters

125 lbs
(56 kg)

2.5 quarts

 80 ounces

2.4 liters

150 lbs
(68 kg)

3 quarts

 96 ounces

 2.8 liters

175 lbs
(79 kg)

3.5 quarts

 112 ounces

3.3 liters

200 lbs
(91 kg)

4 quarts

 128 ounces

 3.8 liters

225 lbs
(102 kg)

4.5 quarts

 144 ounces

4.25 liters

250 lbs
(113 kg)

5 quarts

 160 ounces

 4.7 liters

Recommend Sources for Bottled Water: Arrowhead, Fiji, Volvic, Trinity and others.

Questions and Answers Regarding Water Intake:

Why is it important to drink water?

Water helps rid the body of toxins, but it also keeps every cell in the body hydrated. For optimal health, your blood needs to be well hydrated too. Dehydrated blood becomes thicker, which forces the heart to work harder.

What are the benefits of drinking water?

Our bodies are composed of close to 70% water. Water serves many healthy purposes in the body. Drinking water can help:

  • To hydrate the body’s cells and tissues
  • Flush out wastes and toxins
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Control appetite
  • Lose weight
  • Increase energy
  • Aid in digestion

Once you begin to drink adequate amounts of water, you will begin to lose your taste for sugary drinks and you won’t reach for them out of habit in order to satisfy your chronic thirst. And as mentioned above your heart does not have to work harder to pump blood.