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Every week, I get emails forwarded and sent to me from patients and doctors going on and on about the swine flu and what to do for it. Most of the ones that I read are from holistic practitioners offering practical advice and holistic options for treating the flu. In reality, they could probably just cut and paste last year’s newsletter from this time of year and resend it with a couple of updated name changes. My staff keeps asking me to put out a newsletter with my own options and advice, which, in my mind, would just be repeating what everyone else already is saying.

Every year, as we approach the “theoretical” flu season, another new terrible threat arrives on the front pages of newspapers and in the evening news. Billions of dollars of taxpayer’s money is shipped overseas to pharmaceutical companies and stockpiles of unnecessary, ineffective vaccines that never get used go to waste. One year it was the Avian Flu that was going to decimate the population. Another year, it was the SARS Flu that would leave thousands of people dead in its wake. This year, it’s the Swine Flu , which perhaps, we should rename the Mexican Flu, as this seems to be the country of origin and the only people who have really been affected by it. And while we’re at it, shouldn’t we probably rename the Spanish Flu as the American Flu, just to give credit to the country where it is believed to have first originated? After all, the Asian Flu, Hong Kong Flu, and Russian Influenza all got their proper due.

What no one tells is us is that most of these flues have been around for decades. The Avian Flu of 2005 was first identified in Scottish chickens in 1959. The Swine Flu actually broke out among soldiers at Fort Dix in 1976, so it should be called the Fort Dix Flu. Sorry, Mexico. The CDC has reported that over 200 strains of viruses come to us from Asia each year. Most of these viruses are associated with chickens and pigs and passed onto humans at some point along the way. In the end, outside of making up for slow news days, does it really matter?

More and more, we humans are being identified as “Super-Organisms.” The human body is made up of 10 trillion cells, and the digestive tract contains over 100 trillion micro-organisms, populated by over 5600 species of bacteria, virus, mold, yeast, fungus, parasites and lesser, but no less important, species. If a virus is lucky enough to make it past your skin, mucous membranes, and acid barriers, then it has to make it past 100 trillion other organisms and their enzymes and secretions, as well as millions and millions of immune cells. And since 70% of the body’s immune system is in the digestive tract, keeping the digestive tract balanced will have the biggest impact on our overall health.

So what does it matter? Staying healthy and being attentive and aware of our state of health at all times is important. Involve yourself in exercising, relaxing, meditating, eating nutritious foods, laughing, spending time with others, and enjoying life. Take time to detoxify the body periodically and correct imbalances that may show up from living in a toxic world. If you need to take something for a flu or cold, I would recommend Immunocal, Detox Essentials, Maitake Extract, and homeopathics from Heel – Aconitum, Gripp, and Sinusin.

Mother Teresa said, “The biggest disease today is not leprosy or tuberculosis, but rather the feeling of being unwanted.” Show someone that you care by sharing this message and time with them. And if you feel like wearing a big “S” on your chest, go ahead. You’re quite the Super-Organism!

Dr. Jeffery McCombs, DC

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