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The Year of the Plan
Added On: March 4th, 2009
Posted By: Trisha
“I’ll say right off that I’m not a diet person. I like to savor my food and drink, in whatever portion I prefer, and don’t like to hear otherwise—then I had a baby. The weight stayed on in places I’d never had a problem with before and it would not come off!

So, I searched online and found a diet that does not call itself a diet, but a plan. It is less a diet and more a new way of thinking about eating. The McCombs Plan goes like this: You may eat any kind of meat except for pork, any kind of vegetable and any kind of fruit except for oranges. You may have caffeine (my personal favorite), but no dairy, wheat, sugar, alcohol, legumes or vinegar.

I lost weight immediately, my body went back to its normal proportions and I found that after the plan I did not gain weight back. After about two weeks on the plan, I felt amazing. It was almost like I’d been living in a fog and it started to lift. Suddenly I was sleeping better, was more alert and my skin glowed.

My husband had dramatic results with his skin. Along with his family, he had battled extremely dry skin throughout his life. We thought the condition was hereditary. After his third week on the plan, he no longer needed to apply the thick creams he used daily and his heels, which were furrowed with deep and painful cracks healed up completely.

My eating habits changed and some of the items I’d eaten for years disappeared permanently from my daily menu (like pork and oranges, you can read why on the site). My husband and I do the plan once a year to give our bodies a rest and clear out. During that time, I’ve noticed that emotional issues are much easier dealt with and cleared away, too. I’ve done the plan seven times and each year, I discover a new part of myself in the process. Like the weight, the issues that arise come and go much more easily.

Many of my friends have had success with the McCombs Plan. One friend works in a school and has found that if she starts the plan at the beginning of the school year, she does not get the recurring sinus infections that plagued her in past years. 

The menu plan is free and online at and there is a toll free support number and message board to add support before, during and after the plan. The supplements (a detox formula with Echinacea and an anti-candida formula which kills off excess internal yeast) can either be bought in their online store or in person at their Los Angeles office.

At the end of the plan, a probiotic formula nourishes and replenishes good bacteria in your cleared out system. The result is an extended feeling of health and well being, a strengthened immune system and a balanced and long lasting weight loss.”