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I feel better every day.
Added On: January 16th, 2009
Posted By: Becky
"Hello! I have suffered for years with digestive problems, loss of energy, morbid obesity, skin conditions and a dampened spirit. I have to tell you I am only into my fourth week of the Plan and am loving it! I am very motivated to continue as I feel better every day. My whole family is enjoying the benefits of the changes in our regular diet. No one has missed eliminating many foods since our meals are delicious and highly nutritious to boot. The whole family has been supporting me by helping me make menus, cheering me on as I drink and drink and drink and drink my water, and allowing me a peaceful, uninterrupted 30 min. in the tub every day. This new lifestyle has given us something very positive to build together as a family. Thank you!" Becky September 22, 2007